Promotional/commercial use

    Purchase a license to obtain
    a full version/set of the font

    One-time fee per font,
    in perpetuity for web, videos, games & apps, prints, textiles and other surfaces.
    Fonts with upper cases, lower cases, numbers and operateurs, accents and punctuation, ornaments, currency symbols and extra glyphs for ending.

    Pour la traduction en français du copyright et comment obtenir une licence, cliquez sur le lien suivant :


    Free for personal use only

    You are allowed to use my fonts without a license for

    Your wedding, birthday, your tattoo, if you are not sure, do
    not hesitate to contact me at dcoxymg@gmail.com

    Remember : by downloading a font, you agree to respect the copyright of the author and limits of the user terms, take a look at your copy or here on the link below.

    Today I have 297 files online.
    Preview at dafont.com/dcoxy


    An important part

    You are not allowed to use my fonts without a license for

    Your company, promotion, advertising, portfolio, art, non-profit, social medias, videos, games and apps
    (even free),logos, stickers, embroïdery, flyers, fonts site, webstore, associations, Etsy, blogs,Youtube,organization...

    "Free for personal use only" terms is a way to share my fonts worldwide & also to work on original projects. Thank you for your visit.

Ready to purchase a license?  Please follow the next steps :                            

1/ Pick the name of the font and the amount associated in the list.

2/ Send your payment and informations to my Paypal id : dcoxybrush@gmail.com (Gregory Medina)
3/ Informations to include in your transaction : the name of the file, your name/company name,
    your e-mail and location (transactions are checked every day).

* I will e-mail the files and a license (invoice infos included), after the transaction.

* Contact me for any questions at : dcoxymg@gmail.com