• * Euro prices are the reference, for US$ payments thanks to check the exchange rate (euro/dollar) before your transaction. Keep in mind US$ amounts
      listed below are here to inform only (due to exchange rate).

    * For a license + a full version/set of the fonts presented below or at Dafont.com, I’m (as author/owner) the only one allowed to sell and license for   commercial use. When you’re ready to purchase a license, check the "LICENSE" area of the site and send your payment to my Paypal id.  
      I will send you the files after the transaction. If you need more info, contact me at dcoxymg@gmail.com

    * LICENSE TERMS for commercial and promotional use : for one to five users, in perpetuity, for web, videos, games & apps, print, textile & surfaces.

    * For a list of all my fonts (295 online), prices included : Clic Here  (Images below are not linked to the fonts, previews only at Dafont.com/dcoxy) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    *(1file)= 1 full version  //// *(2files)= 1 full version + an alternative version  //// *(3files)= 1 full version (with ornaments) + 1 alter. + a light version.  
    *(4files)= 2 full version (with ornaments) + an alter. + a light version.  //// *(5files)= 2 full version (with ornaments) + 2 alter. + a light version + a basic. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    skater girls rock    citadelle    cheese farts
    Skater Girls Rock License + (3files) 35€ (US$ 40)           Citadelle License + (1file) 35€ (US$ 40)                        Cheese Farts License + (1file) 40€ (US$ 45)

    shelter    chestnut    bone sticks
    Shelter License + (2files) 45€ (US$ 50)                         Chestnut Splinters License + (1file) 40€ (US$ 45)           Bone Sticks License + (2files) 35€ (US$ 40)

    game on    black swan    Sketch
    Game On License + (2files) 35€ (US$ 40)                      Black Swan License + (2files) 50€ (US$ 55)                    Sketch License + (2files) 45€ (US$ 50)

    woodrocket    joly    woody  
    Wood Rocket License + (1file) 35€ (US$ 40)              Joly Death License + (1file) 30€ (US$ 35)                      Original Woody License + (1file) 35€ (US$ 40)

    --------------------------------------------- For more previews of my fonts, take a look at Dafont.com/dcoxy (295 fonts online).---------------------------------------------



  • ------ PACKS LICENSE TERMS for commercial and promotional use : for 1 to 5 users, in perpetuity: for web, videos, games & apps, print and surfaces. ------

    * Packs are low cost sets of my first fonts, one by one prices are included in the list. For previews and try out take a look at Dafont.com/dcoxy pass
    over the images to view the names of the fonts in each pack (composed with scripts, cursives, cartoons, ornaments).

    packa    packo    packu
     Pack A-LV License...........30€ (US$ 35)                     Pack A2-LV License......30€ (US$ 35)                        Pack A3-LV License...........20€ (US$ 25)

    pack1    pack2    pack3
     Pack B-LV License...........60€ (US$ 65)                    Pack C-LV License...........50€ (US$ 55)                    Pack D-LV License...........60€ (US$ 65)

    pack4    pack5    pack7
     Pack E-LV License...........45€ (US$ 50)                     Pack F-LV License...........30€ (US$ 35)                     Pack G-LV License...........20€ (US$ 25)

    * The owner can modify content of this website, packs, amounts and licenses terms when and if necessary, (after an update or a correction for exemple).

    * The author is not responsable for any software compability issues or issues related to the download process of the fonts. Some websites distribute dcoxy’s fonts, the author is not in charge or responsable for thoses websites, Dafont.com is the only website where the author submit his fonts.
    User terms are always included with the fonts (in a ".txt" file attached to it) and on this website.


      FREE FONTS :  

    * Feel free to download the packs below, there are 100% free fonts sets for personal and commercial use, composed with scripts, cartoons, cursives,...

             FREE FONTS Pack 1        FREE FONTS Pack 2      FREE FONTS Pack 3       FREE FONTS Pack 4      FREE FONTS Pack 5        FREE FONTS Pack 6